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What is money? Will bitcoin make me wealthy?

Here is the question everyone who gets into bitcoin asks in the first half an hour of discussion.

All ‘bitcoiners’ who understand the underlying fundamentals of the block chain technology say “of course!” BUT having said that please remember this is an unprecedented technological break through and has led to the coining of certain phrases like ‘A Grand Experiment.” the application of money is just one of the amazing things this technology will bring about.

Unfortunately most people genuinely do not have a desire to learn about their money/economy or where it comes from, we are for the most part kept ignorant from this truth so the powers that be can feed us the limited information they want us to have. Imagine it like a castle with just one light on in 2-3 rooms of the 390 rooms, we walk around see a few shadows go “Meh” and go spend our ‘money.’

Federal ReserveBefore we dive into the title please click on the link below which sheds a little light on some of the events happening around the world (literally as you read this) please ignore the rhetoric about USA dominance and the authors views on politics and focus on some of the interesting points he makes reference to:

After you finished that have a peek at this very accurate yet comical cartoon explaining the history of the federal reserve and how it manipulated its way into the lives of everyone on this planet, look beyond the jokes and patriotic under tones and do some of the research they mention for yourself, it is scarily accurate and educational :

For those of you who know this already and those of you who will digest the aforementioned videos, it will become more and more difficult for you to continue to be a complacent cog in a system created to defile the very thing it pretends to promote ‘Freedom’.

Having said all of this – bitcoin is literally coded and designed to appreciate in value as time and acceptance occurs. The very act of the block halving and the calculated block release (10 minutes) show us that the master design of this was created to combat the inflationary systems we operate in. Stop and take a look at the brief life of bitcoin and the dramatic battles it has faced in the few short years it has existed, all the way from cents to thousands of dollars for BTC.

Some very smart and emotionally clear people are trying to build systems on this application to better the lives of all us, not through violence and hate but through understanding and truth. The best phrasing of this analogy was spoken by Mahatma Gandhi when he said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

control-content-marekting-for-startupsThe truth is bitcoin is hard coded to increase in value and will continue to do so as the world embraces and uses it, look for yourself the code is open source. Though bitcoin is not a perfect solution is is 10,000% better than the system we currently have in place. JUST the creation of this application has allowed the world to really start taking a hard look at the very financial system which lies to us on a daily basis, once the truth permeates it is hard to snuff out. My response to will bitcoin make me wealthy in a nutshell is “Yes.”

Because even if the powers that be find a way to destroy this one application of the block chain technology, they will certainly have a hard time stopping the truth from escaping on hard topics like: ‘What is money?’ – ‘What gives money value?’ – ‘Where does money come from?’

We live in a world where information is now sent and received instantly without the dominance of others, the information age has allowed the world to awake from a state of perpetual ignorance and it feels great, the truth is strong my friend… you hear that? “That is the sound of inevitability” – The Matrix